mxtraf is a network-traffic generator program. With mxtraf, a small number of hosts can be used to saturate a network with a tunable mix of traffic. mxtraf can generate three types of traffic:

Periodic TCP flow with specified length.
Long-lived infinite-source TCP flow.
Non-responsive UDP traffic at a specified rate.

mxtraf allows the mix of traffic to be adjusted in real-time. The mix is specified by the number of elephants, size of mice, number of mice, and the rate for the dinosaur. The mix can be adjusted either via graphical user interface, or by mxtraf's built-in scripting language. The scripting language allows adjustments to occur at pre-determined times.

mxtraf makes extensive use of gscope, for lots of nifty visualization of the traffic mix.

The mxtraf group page on SourceForge Logo is here. The CVS repository is here.

mxtraf was written by Charles "Buck" Krasic.

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